General Discussion

Although the purpose of this website is to provide examples of arguments for use in critical thinking exercises, I thought it best to write out some of the general themes associated with logic and critical thinking. I’m hardly the most qualified person to do so, but I do have a thought or two on the subject. Anyway, it gives me a chance to work out some of the quirks in my own approach to the subject by at least spelling them out as clearly as possible. I’ll include the themes covered thus far as I go.

  • Denotes Fallacy labels coined here.


Deny Yourself a Word.


Epistemic Idioms.

Absolutism, Epistemology, Indexicality, Relativism.

Helpful Principles of Reasoning.

– General Principles (Burden of Proof, Ockham’s Razor, Principle of Charity).

– Selected Fallacies (ad ignorantiam, circular argument).

Interactional Eclipse.

Stupid Questions.

Accusatory Questions, Assignment Questions, Complex Questions, Diversionary Questions, Rhetorical Questions, Start from Scratch Questions, Suggestive Questions, Thunder-Stealing Questions, Unanswerable Questions.

Truth Values.


Ad Hominem Fallacy.

– Critical Ad Hominems (abusive, (Benign), circumstantial, and tu quoque).

– Fallacious Appeals to Authority (anonymous authority, authority by association, out of field authority, decontextualized authority, non-authorities, problematic authority).

Argument From Biography.

Begging the Question.




Motte and Bailey Doctrines. (Revisited.)

The Negs of Net Logic.

Concern Troll, Gaslighting, Gish Gallop, Godwin’s Law, Philosophy Dude-Bro, Poe’s Law, Rule 34, Schrodinger’s Asshole, Shifting the Goalposts, Tone Policing.

The No True Scotsman fallacy.

The Palliative Rejoinder. *

The Straw Man Fallacy.

Bale of Hyperbole, Misplaced Literalism, Straw Rule, The Whipping Boy, Uncharitable Interpretation.

The Tin Man Defense. *


Formal Logic Quickies from Around the Net.


Interactional Eclipse.


True Values.

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