Other Social Media

I have a number of social media pages besides this one. While, those are devoted to other things, I do sometimes touch on matters of reasoning and critical thinking in those pages. As those may be of interest to anyone reading Hinterlogics, I made this page here to provide links as appropriate.

Northierthanthou (WordPress): Biases All the Way Down, Just How Much Fallacy is Your To Quoque? White Privilege as a Motte and Bailey Doctrine, In Defense of Spurious Quotes, Irony Ain’t Erasure, Proof of Burdens, When Arguendo Argues Itself into a Somehow, Arguments and Narratives, Between Atheism and Agnosticism, Lexographer-Judges, Tu Quoque as a Way of Life, It’s the Sub-Deduction Stupid, A Hyponym Walks into a Bar, The Majority Rules Meme, Uncharitable Thoughts About the Principle of Charity, Belief is not A Choice, Hypocrisy Howled at the Wolf, Kathy Griffen and the Meta-Hypocrisy Shuffle, Redskins Facts Does the Meta-Hypocrisy Shuffle, Hypocrisy and the Infinity Mirror (Limbaugh on Fluke),

Northierthanthou (TikTok): Whataboutism, Stupid Questions, Emotions, Authority of the Dictionary, Fixing Trump, Facts and Feelings, Conspiracy Porn, The Race-Card Card.